Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anthony's Choice

Enticed by the promise of cookies, I found myself standing in Jen and Maria’s room patiently ignoring my surroundings and waiting for the moment when Jen would finally give me the irresistible treats I had come for.  To make the time go faster I imagined what they would taste like.  What kind would they be? Would they be crunchy or soft? The possibilities were endless…

The words “blind taste test” and “guest blog post” broke through my sugary fantasies and I reluctantly let them slip from my consciousness.  What had I just signed myself up for?  I remained aware of the real world just long enough to understand that I was expected to perform such dreary chores as describing what I tasted with adjectives… adjectives.  My resolve began to waver, was this still worth it?  But then, I remembered the longing that had brought me this far, and I gravely made my choice. I would go even as far as adjectives to acquire delicious cookie goodness.

I straightened my shoulders and shook off the misgivings that weighed me down as Jen distributed the cookies.

Cookie 1 (Maria's):
This first specimen crumbled almost immediately upon being handed to me.  My expectations of the ideal cookie at first seemed to crumble with it, but upon finally tasting it, I experienced a pleasant reversal of opinion.  The tasty dough was interspersed with huge, scrumptious chunks of dark chocolate.  I, being partial to darker chocolates, found this quite an appealing characteristic.  Though the chunks were not extremely frequent, this fact prevented them from overwhelming the comprehensive taste of the cookie.

Cookie 2 (Jen's):
The second cookie I received was much more solid in composition.  I don’t mean to imply that it was overcooked or stale, rather simply that it did not fall apart as readily as the previous one.  The chocolate here had a decreased cacao composition, and tasted very sweet. While it undoubtedly still tasted heavenly, I found myself longing for the solid earthy flavor of my treasured dark chocolate.  Chips rather than chunks were present in Cookie 2 and made up a much greater proportion of the whole cookie than those of Cookie 1 had.  The symphony of ingredients produced a much sweeter taste, which was the signature characteristic of this sample.

The Verdict:
Not wishing to offend either baking party, I must say that both cookies were to my liking and embodied everything I had hoped for upon blindly wandering into this situation.  However, my love of dark chocolate broke through in the end, and Cookie 1—baked by Maria, I was told—earned my greater affection.  I wish to congratulate both bakers on their talent and courage in submitting their work to my judgment and also wish to thank them both for bringing my the cookie satisfaction that I desired.

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