Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wayne State Farmers Market: July 18

I've been on a long hiatus from this blog -- living at home means I'm not willing to risk foregoing my food supply by reviewing it -- but even if I was, it would probably get a bit repetitive with good reviews (Hi mom! I know you'll read this and your cooking is delightful! Please continue feeding me!).

I've continued to take pictures of a good portion of my meals, however, and after a point, you start looking like you have a problem if most of the pictures on your phone are squirrels and food, so I needed to start doing something with them.
Look! It's a squirrel in a tree on the Wayne State campus. I'm normal. Really.

Anyway, yesterday A.V. and I were on campus for Microbiology, and of course I was Facebook stalking when I came across this gem of a picture from J.A. that inspired me to venture out in search of the same:

Crepe from the Wayne State Farmers Market -- Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes has a booth there.
The wait at the farmers market is far shorter than the lunch rush at the store -- well worth it. I got a crepe with chevre, red peppers, spinach, and (I think) some other vegetables, and it was delicious (and huge)!

After that, I decided to check out the booth next to Good Girls', Sweet Potato Sensations. I have been and always will be a sucker for unique baked goods, and the coconut sweet potato pie seemed to be staring me down -- until I saw that there was sweet potato ice cream. That was a game changer. I was told that this ice cream would taste "just like cold sweet potato pie" and I was not let down at all. Not only was this ice cream the perfect consistency of smooth, soft, and just melty enough to be easy to scoop up with a plastic spoon, but the small chunks of pecan scattered throughout provided the ideal amount of satisfying crunch to contrast the silky smooth ice cream.

The sweet potato ice cream!
In conclusion, the food at the Wayne State Farmers Market is not to be missed -- not only is it pretty and delicious, but it's also (mostly) healthy and a good portion of it is locally sourced. And hey, you might see Jerry Herron picking up some vegetables there too (I've seen him the past few times I've been and it's always like seeing a celebrity -- but maybe that's just me)

Happy eating! And I'll do my best to post more consistently, I promise :)