Friday, October 12, 2012

Mac Shack! October 12, 2012

Today I was lucky enough to get out of my orgo lab early, and since it was Cody's birthday, we decided to take a break from our normal lunch at Gold and Greens (which has been so, so good) to check out the new food truck on campus, the Mac Shack. I'd been wanting to try it since the summer but hadn't had time. Luckily, today was the perfect day for some gourmet mac and cheese.

I got the Papa Smurf, which had caramelized onions, mushrooms, and fresh parmesan cheese. The sweetness of the onions was a perfect contrast to the sharp parmesan, and the mac and cheese by itself was perfectly creamy and light -- as mac and cheese goes, anyway. The pasta shape was also kind of cool -- it definitely wasn't the Velveeta shells or Kraft macaroni that I've gotten far too accustomed to. Instead, it was a bit larger "ear shaped" pasta -- ideal for holding the perfect amount of cheese. Clearly whoever planned this has an engineering background.

Papa Smurf!
Cody got "The Bacon Made Me Do It!", which had bacon, green onions, and tomatoes. His descriptions of it was: creamy, delicious, breathtaking (sigh). In fact, he stated, "No words can describe the goodness in this cheese of mac."  So it was a step or two above dorm food, basically.
The Bacon Made Me Do It!
Finally, the piece de resistance: the garlic parmesan french fries. Feel free to enlarge this picture to fully appreciate the beauty of these. The other day, we had some really great truffle herb french fries at Green Dot Stables (post coming later... I'm pretty far behind right now), and these are like the bigger, less dainty, and slightly more delicious big brother of the Green Dot stables fries. They were ideally greasy, not in a bad way, but enough to make sure you knew they were clogging your arteries, and it was worth every delicious bite. I'm a big fan of garlic, and these fries had the most amazing mixture of garlic and parmesan cheese -- whatever the ratio was, it was perfect. They were crispy on the outside while still being creamy and soft inside, and were by far the best fries I've had on campus.
Garlic parmesan french fries!
Basically, if you haven't been out to the Mac Shack yet, it's something you need to do ASAP. Everything they have is perfect college student comfort food, but with a great gourmet twist. I can't wait until the next time I catch a break between classes to get some more!

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