Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Detroit Restaurant Week: Coach Insignia

Detroit Restaurant Week is by far one of my favorite weeks of the year -- after I found out about it accidentally with A.V. last year, I've been preparing myself for the next restaurant week to come. This year, there were 17 participating restaurants in Detroit, and the amazing thing about DRW is that you can go to some of the most amazing restaurants in Detroit and sample the best of what they have to offer for only $30 -- and really, how could anyone pass that up?

This week, the first restaurant I went to was Coach Insignia. Located at the top of the Ren Cen on the 72nd floor, this restaurant has the most amazing views of the city, and even before I had the chance to eat here, I'd been up several times to catch the amazing views. I had the pleasure of going this year with some of my favorite people in the world from the dorms :)

To start off, we (naturally) had bread. Being the bread connoisseur I like to consider myself, I would give this about a 7/10, not the most amazing bread, but hey, it's bread, and how can that ever go wrong?

 I then had the shrimp tasting, which had a great brandy-cream sauce for the cocktail shrimp -- it was kind of sweet tasting, and it went wonderfully with the bread (not that I dip bread into every sauce I encounter... but I mostly do).

 For my entree, I had the filet mignon (medium rare), and although I'm usually not a big steak eater, this was phenomenal. It was seasoned perfectly and so juicy and perfect. If I were to dream about a steak, this would be it. The asparagus was cooked perfectly, and the mashed potatoes were flawlessly creamy and smooth. 

 Desert was bread pudding for me -- I've always loved bread pudding, and this certainly did not disappoint. It was kind of cinnamony and creamy -- a great fall comfort dessert.

 A few others got white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and I was lucky enough to get a bite -- I don't usually like cheesecake too much, but the flavors in this were great -- not overly cheesecakey and with a perfect accent of raspberry flavor. Plus, the presentation of this dish was gorgeous.

All in all, this was a successful first DRW outing. It was definitely sad to have to make the return to dorm food the next day -- as much as I've been loving the taquito-instant mashed potatoes-mac and cheese diet, this dinner was far above and beyond what I was expecting. This was a fantastic meal and hopefully I'll be back soon (and if anyone wants to take me, I'm all for that too!)
Post-dinner in the Ren Cen!

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