Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 11: Towers Fish Fry

Clockwise from top left: Tartar sauce, "Warrior chips", fried whitefish, lemon slice.

Naturally, the first wish that came to my mind on the legendary 11-11-11 was to wish for good edible food in the cafeteria. For once, they actually came through. Maybe it's because the only time I eat at Towers is when Ghafari is closed (due to the lovely wind tunnel that forms between the two buildings), but eating at Towers during a non-weekend time proved to be rather enjoyable.

Granted, most things are good when they're fried, and this was no exception. The fish was lightly battered and had the most delightful consistency. This is possibly one of the best meals I've had on campus to date. Way to go, Towers. If this keeps up I may even risk the windburn to get to your food.

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