Friday, September 30, 2011

Plakas and Astoria Bakery: Greektown, September 25

Our hallway has started a tradition of going out for dinner on Sunday nights -- mainly to escape the weekend food here, which is (believe it or not) even more flavorless than the weekday food, but also to explore Detroit. Naturally, Greektown was high on our list of places to visit. Last Sunday, we finally made it there after an impressively orchestrated ride courtesy of the Detroit Public Transit System.

First priority: dinner. Always. 
We went to Plakas Restaurant because it "looked Greek enough."

The group. Clockwise from left: Anna, Alex, Liz, Colin, me, Anthony.

Truly, there is no food more Greek than a gyro. Despite being extraordinarily difficult to eat as a sandwich, it was actually pretty good. The fries were not, but I'm a picky eater (Obviously. Why else would I start a food blog?).

Next stop: dessert at the Astoria Bakery. It was packed, and with good reason. Everything looked incredible, and there was literally a line out the door.

If you're not hungry yet, you're clearly not looking hard enough at the picture.

To stick with the theme of "Greektown," I went with the Baklava. No regrets.
It was phyllo dough-pistachio-honey soaked perfection.

Thank you to Anna for the wonderful photos!

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